The Grass Is Always Greener (Demo)

by Hello Piedpiper

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This Demo " The Grass Is Always Greener" was recorded in early 2010. All tracks were written, performed, produced and mixed by Hello Piedpiper.
Except War: Mixed by Jon Huxtable from
E-Guitar on Anecdotes: Played by L.Hemmerich


released March 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Hello Piedpiper Köln, Germany

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Track Name: War
Red lights flash we see them come
vengeance what they seek
sending us to kingdom come
cause that is where we meet.

Waltzing on the world today
thought you could escape
they come for us, they make us stay
for debts and loans we ow them cant repay.

Lonely when the kingdom comes
conquered lands, our homes are lost

Tanks as big as mountains come
squalling with their hearts
vast n daunting is the force
that creeps and tears the ones to blame apart

Only when the kingdom comes
conquered lands, our homes are lost
pleas forgive,we beg you lord.
But he s unarmed and he cant talk

waltzing on the world today
think we cant escape
Track Name: Anecdotes

There were so many times, when i felt so tired
ready to throw it all away
sometimes i look inside and start off my mind
and here i am once again.
For a while i was trying, I was searching
for things that i dont get.
And if you wouldnt mind, i d tell you some kind
of anecdotes of earlier this year

Watching the sun go down
Each single day i d note that things have turned out good
Paddling on boats down lakes
and waterfalls I wont forget those afternoons

Chained to the oars working night shifts
while blisters look crack fireworks.
All the time on the streets i see dull lights
pending in the shade
and the people in the lines of the travel agencies
are psychopaths in camouflage
complaining constantly they are like me
but then remember me
and they remember me.....
Track Name: Please.Come Closer
Please! Come closer!

And your father went to church every sunday night
after all the sinners had come
giving all the money he had
so that every single one would understand.
And your mother was a free bird didnt want you to
become a sinner like the ones she´d had
saving all the money she had
so that you would be the one to understand.

you went to school a year or so but then dropped out of itcause you knew you would earn money while you sang
you acted cool a year or two but then you fell for it
and then forgot about the things you could have had

Please,come closer! How nice she sang, du du du du

Noone dared to ask and noone dared to talk about
we all are full of guilt, the seven sins
spending all the money we have
and noone ever wants to understand.

Became a star and they all loved you then all left you there.With their greedy smiles their trying to confess.
They didnt know they didnt want to be forgiven so
and they forgot about the things you could have had
and they forgot about the things and now you re dead

Please come closer! How nice she sang. du dudu dudududu
Track Name: The March Back Home

Without the dust of cars 

Been here a week or so

with the sound of our guitars

and the farmers coming home

i ve been here once before 

been here at the coast 

where fishermen and pirates meet the sailors at the park.
and the dunes defending shield 

spreads across the face 

we run along the fields 

watch a dancing shade

the talking here seems weird 

but comfort gave the smiles 

makes us feel at home at least for one week of the year.

And we go 

we take the march back home 

got no place else to go 

And we know 

we gotta take the march back home 

got no place else to go

And the paths along the fields 

the darkness growing old 

and the patterns of the beach

tickling in our toes 

and noone else could hear 

noone else would know 
that this time of the year we´ve got no other place to go.

And we go 

we take the march back home 

got no place else to go 

And we know 

we gotta take the march back home 

got no place else to go

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